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Horse Freebies on the Web

Compiled by Holly Covey for all of my horse friends. Enjoy! They're free!
These links were updated 6/21/08 and originally created summer of 2002. Thanks for stopping by!

There are some really great freebies here, just take the time to search the links. Note some of the links over time have died, just Google and some may have migrated to different sites, some are quite dead. For kids, there's lots of coloring books, puzzles, printable things for the little kids and some pretty sophisticated puzzles relating to horses for the older kids.

Don't forget the coupons, e-books, clipart, screensavers, sound items, webpage items, booklets (some are very educational), dressage test copies, pony club downloads, and more. Have fun.
Remember this? Originated by Holly CoveyFree Horse Game Start page

The very best membership on the web for a horseperson. The Horse.Com, which is a regularly updated, veterinary/medical oriented magazine and online resource site. If you have horses, sign up for this membership!
Rio Vista horse products coupon
Farnum Horse products coupons, there are quite a few here, download to Adobe and print out
Coupon for Virginia Equine Extravaganza
Buying A Horse Report
The Horse's Prayer
Equihex free musical horse postcards and jigsaw puzzle
Free Equine Art Guild online horse cards, these are beautiful reproductions
Free horse screensaver, scroll down the page to the "Horse.exe" file free wallpaper, Free Horse wallpaper, several links Free horse wallpaper Black Horse Studio black horse wallpaper, very beautiful
Free horse name finder
Handy Bit Measure Download, print and trim out
American Horse Network Free Website Tools
FREE CD - The Best of The Horse Show, a radio program about horses, AND link to listen for free on your computer.
Free Horse Sound Files Make your computer nicker!
Nutrena -- win free contest, prize varies
Win Everything, Giveaway contest at
Free Health Record to print out and fill in for your horse from Giddyap Girls horse treats
#1 Free online global petition hosting - Stop Premarin Horse Suffering
Free online horse care and training articles from Cherry Hill This is an excellent reference site
Cornell University listing of Thoroughbred and Standardbred tattoo numbers and letters on their educational page.
American Miniature Horse Free Color Booklet! Send away for free booklet
Arabian Horse in America - The Arabian Experience A Guide to Ownership send away for free bookHORSE GUARD FENCE Free Catalog There are many free horse related catalogs, but this one offers a wealth of information about building fencing for horses and includes tables for determining acreage, how much fence, etc.The Holistic Horse Newsletter Click on the newsletter box for link to send away for free newsletter ... Free Jigsaw Horse Puzzles to Download
BillyBear4Kids ... Free pet certificates you can personalize and print out of your own computer
BillyBear4Kids . . . Free Equestrian Horse Show Ribbon to download and printHLBooks This is a whole site by that contains a free sample pdf horse page for kids.
Horse Games (at E-Stable The Definitive Horse & Equestrian Site)
Kids Club Thoroughbred Racing Coloring pages
Vancouver Mounted Police Squad Coloring Pages
Acreageequines Horse Puzzles, Crossword, Etc. This is a GREAT site for the bored kids! Loads of downloads, all horse related.
Coloring Book Pages - Horse Racing This page also has links to more activity pages on the net. Scroll down.
Stacey Mayer's Free Online Coloring Books - Arabian horses, Pinto Horses, Kids Coloring Art Another really great site for the kids, loads of neat things to do.
More Free Coloring Things, Horse Related
Horse Cookie Recipes
Free Copies of Dressage Tests - The USEF (old AHSA) tests from Training Level to Grand Prix
Free Copies of Walk Trot Dressage Tests - USDF
free heirloom rocking horse plans
free toy pony rocking horse crochet square pattern
Free patterns page: note, you have to be a member to get some patterns, however they do have horse patterns for stuffed animals, afghans, crochet patterns, etc. available.
Free cavaletti jump plans
Free horse bookmarks just download, print out
Free checklists and charts -- for horse people, includes stable, budget, care chart
USPC Forms - you need Adobe Reader for most but these are wonderful, everything from lesson plans to equipment lists to judging cards; organizational forms for just about everything, checklists, etc. Don't have to be a pony clubber to get them!
Foxtrotter Gallopin Graphics free horse clipart, not the usual
Free horse photo
Your Chinese Astrologist: The Horse just for fun, check it out!
Email Form, free sample Select The Best
Horse eBuckets Sign up to win a contest
Free horse home remedies
Free recipe for horse and pet treats
Free horse cookie and treat recipes

Free E-Books About Horses

Note: some of these are download, some are viewable through your regular browser.
I Want A Horse
Art of Horsemanship by Xenophon
Black Beauty by Anna Sewell
A Horse At Last
Books online search under "horse"