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Famous Standardbred Horses

Originally Researched By Kenna Kennedy

(the picture takes a minute to download, please wait - it's worth it!)

Bionic Woman--STB pacer, rank at the track, traded for farrier bill. (Pictured above, this is an actual photo of her during an exhibition high jump contest at Santa Anita Racetrack in 1983 or 1984, to promote the upcoming Olympic Equestrian events held there. She is being ridden by Susie Hutchinson, her regular rider. This photo was supplied to the media by Santa Anita publicity.)

Williams took her to Pac Coast Champion for owner. Prix de Nations at

Spruce Meadows, 1979-80. Won Gucci Challenge x2, Pac Coast Reserve,

too. Produced Tough Enough, WBx, back to the ring for Modified Jr. Ch.

Horse of the year, 1986.

Halla, by a trotting sire x half-bred mare. Started as a racer, then

eventer, then jumper. Wins beginning 1952. Owned by Gustauv Vienling,

Ridden by Hans Winkler to many titles. Olympic team and individual gold

medal in 1956, team again in 1960. Retired at 16.

High Hopes--STB trotter, Pacific Coast Jumper Champion 1961, 64, 65,

66. Foal by TB=Here's Hoping, also successful jumper. Owned by Jimmy


Scott Free--STBxTB. Jr., Open, & Grand Prix. Owned by Jimmy Williams.

Primrose--STB (orig. Primrose Express), show champ late 60's, early

70's. Jumped 6 FEET 9 INCHES on TWO occasions. His half sister

produced several TBx that did well.

Miss Fit--ArabxSTB, 1975 Am. Endur. Ride Conf. Nat. Ch.

Smokey--ArabxSTB of Jr. Nat. Ch. Kathy Colis

Jenny Camp--dam was though to be 1/2 STB. 3Day horse at 1932 & 36

Olympics, individual SILVER both times.

Non-Stop--1968 foal, 4 times World's Grand Ch. Open Roadster [as of

1990] Sold off the track for $350 to a saddleseat trainer, changed

hands, took many honors. Offers as high as $200,000 for this boy have

been declined. {SWOON!]

Eyre Lad--STB trotter and roadster success. Sold as a 4YO for $40,000.

So Lovely--another successful STB roadster.

Karian and Steady Mite [both were Lexington Police horses. Hoof Beats

had a terrific article on them when Lexington first added horses to the

force. At that time, they were dedicated to the STB and housed their

horses at the Ky. Horse Park. I've heard since that they use other

breeds now, too, but haven't confirmed that.]

Prime Time--successful race horse and show ring champion in harness

[discipline not noted]

General--Pres. Calvin Coolidge's own mount, a pure STB. [I know now why

they called him "Silent Cal"...he had to keep his horse's breed a secret!]

Hope you found that interesting. Many STBs also served as Army horses

in the Civil War and WW I, too.