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I have had occasion to think deeply about my horses and how important their well-being is to my business. Even in the most businesslike of stables, sentiment IS an important part of our relationship with horses, from the lowliest groom to the loftiest owner, and especially from the public's point of view. Please read the FEI CODE OF CONDUCT. This is an important piece of writing – especially Item #2 – that no horse professional in business today should go without reading and understanding.


1. In all equestrian sports the horse must be considered paramount.

2. The well being of the horse shall be above the demands of breeders, trainers, riders, owners, dealers, organizers, sponsors or officials.

3. All handling and veterinary treatment must ensure the health and welfare of the horse.

4. The highest standards of nutrition, health, sanitation and safety shall be encouraged and maintained at all times.

5. Adequate provision must be made for ventilation, feeding, watering and maintaining a healthy environment during transportation.

6. Emphasis should be placed on increasing education in training and equestrian practices and on promoting scientific studies in equine health.

7. In the interests of the horse, the fitness and competence of the rider shall be regarded as essential.

8. All riding and training methods must take account of the horse as a living entity and must not include any technique considered by the FEI to be abusive.

9. National Federations should establish adequate controls in order that all persons and bodies under their jurisdiction respect the welfare of the horse.

10.The national and international Rules and Regulations in equestrian sport regarding the health and welfare of the horse must be adhered to not only during national and international events, but also in training. Competition Rules and Regulations shall be continually reviewed to ensure such welfare.

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